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Best Moving Van lines

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A van line is a type of moving company which helps business and people move their goods from one location to another. Van line provides all-inclusive relocation services including loading, packing, unloading, unpacking moving and arranging of the items that are being relocated. There are there main types of moving vans, and this are :

Panel van-This is usually the smallest moving vehicle type and has the chassis of a typical car.  The small size of a panel van makes it suitable for those moving little stuff. They are best for moving a studio apartment, dorm room or just large objects such as a dining room table.

Parcel van: Parcel vans are bigger than parcel vans and can transport items for medium-sized homes. They can hold up to 3,000 pounds and are 12 to 15 feet long. They are solid vans with a door that links the cab to the storage area.

City van : As the name suggests, city vans are suited for moving within, to or from a city as they are designed to suit city driving. They are fitted with large windshields that permit good visibility. They also feature tilted steering wheels and lower carbs, making them manoeuvre easily around the city tight blocks.

Typically there are a variety of van companies offering moving services and selecting the best can be a daunting task. However, you need not worry as review sites such as ReviewsBird offers car services reviews which can help you get reputable companies. This article also explores some of the best moving van lines companies.

United Van Lines

This is a van line company offering some of the most reputable, services and prices in the industry. It is also known for its transparent pricing. You can trust the company handling your belongings as it only works with workers; it has conducted a background check. Some of the advantages of this company include;

  • Has forthright rates.
  • Offers debris and trash removal.
  • Offers instant quote generator.
  • Offers PC network setup and disassembly.


  • Its quality of services varies between different locations

International Van Lines

This is both a broker and a moving line company, which means that it can either offer you its trucks or link you with another company that will meet your needs. It provides services such as debris and trash removal and multimedia setup. Additionally just as its name suggests the company offers its services globally and thus it’s the company to go for if you are migrating beyond borders



  • Offers both long-term and temporary storage options.
  • Offers services internationally.


  • Has been accused of offering a higher final bill than the quoted amount.

Allied Van Lines

This one of the major moving networks worldwide and can tackle almost anything from local small distances to larger and longer ones. It provides a variety of moving services from appliance disconnection and reconnection to debris and trash removal. It offers transparent pricing strategy


  • Offers debris and trash removal
  • No hidden fees
  • Offers appliance disconnection and reconnection.


  • Clients have reported broken items
  • Offers varying clients services depending on location

Wheaton World Wide Moving

This is a van line company that provides full-service convenience for international, local and long-distance moves.


  • Offers long-term and short term storage
  • It available to offers services nationwide


  • Doesn’t offer online shipment tracking.


Bellhops has been reviewed as the moving partner to go for if you wish to move fast and efficiently, within a short time. The company is also known to provide services around the house and offers temporary relocation to such individuals while doing the services. With Bellhops, one can move their belongings between condos, apartments, studios, college-dorms, long-distance and houses. When a client makes their booking, they are linked with local drivers who speed up the process, and thus there will be no wasting of time waiting for movers to show up which is an additional advantage especially if you aren’t familiar with an area.


  • It offers simple and transparent rates.
  • Makes the entire process, right from getting the quote to booking your move very easy
  • Offers a pricing strategy that is based on an hourly rate when one meets the minimum of two hours.


  • While Bellhops has operations in larger cities, they aren’t present countrywide.

In conclusion, you may be in the move and worrying which van lines to select, with this article you need not worry, as it has reviewed some of the best van lines present. Online van movers such as AnyVan can also be helpful